Survive & Save

Horsham Life Saving Club Survive & Save

The Survive & Save Programme is a series of Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards that teach, challenge and develop skills and knowledge in aquatic survival , rescue, sport & fitness to anyone 12 years and over. Candidates are rewarded with a medal and certificate for the successful completion of their chosen award.

There are three levels of the Survive & Save Programme – Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The programme has 4 strands for candidates to develop lifesaving skills

  1. Medallion
  2. Beach
  3. Stillwater
  4. Sport

The Survive & Save Programme focuses on water safety as well as personal survival and fitness. In addition to understanding the essentials of rescue we believe it is also important to highlight the many areas of the drowning environment – open water sites, lakes, rivers, canals, beaches and ponds.

The Survive & Save Programme also uses sport as part of the training programme, which aids and develops the general health of candidates. We are also committed to encouraging our candidates to gain experience in open water.

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